Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A whole post dedicated to Harry Potter. Yes, I am that dorky

Today's post is supposed to be my favorite fictional books. I hate to disappoint, but my favorite fictional books are totally cliche. The Harry Potter series, hands down. They are so....magical! I read the first one in 9th grade, only because my English teacher let us choose that book for a book report, and I knew it would be super easy because it was a childrens book. Otherwise, I never would have picked it up. I instantly fell in love! I think each book gets better than the one before it, with the 7th book being my absolute favorite. I love the characters too. My favorite is Snape.

I love him because he is so loyal. Everyone always thinks he is such an evil person, but he isn't. I never gave up hope that he would turn out to be good, and I was right. It couldn't have been easy for him to sacrifice so much for the child of a man he strongly disliked and a woman he was in love with. I really just love him!!

Another one of my favorite characters is Neville. I like him because, although he can never seem to do anything right, he never gives up. He has a good heart and he would do anything for the greater good. He's pretty much awesome.

My friends and I decided to figure out which Harry Potter character we are most like, and I am a mix between Hermione and Hagrid. I am bossy (sometimes) and mom-like. I am always reminding my friends to do things, just like a mom haha. And Hermione totally has crazy hair like me!

I'm also very sensitive and emotional, and I love animals. That part of me is totally Hagrid. Anyways, I really love these books. I will be so sad when the movies are done, because I will have nothing Harry Potter to look forward to. If you haven't read them, you totally should!