Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo that makes me Happy

Ok so, I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes I'm really good at sticking with my goals, and sometimes I'm really bad about it. Blogging...I'm bad at that. BUT, I'm still gonna try!! So here is a photo that makes me happy. I like it because, like a lot of girls, I am a hopeless romantic at times. This photo just oozes feel goods like love, happiness, and excitement. It's called "V-J Day in Times Square." It was taken in 1945 by a photographer for Life magazine. It happened right after President Truman announced the end of the war on Japan. The sailor and the woman didn't know each other, it was a spontaneous event. The identities of both parties have never been figured out, although a few people have come forward claiming to be the people in the photograph. There is even a huge statue in San Diego that is a replica of the photo. Anyways, I just think it's adorable :)

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