Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothing to fear but fear itself...yeah right...

Today my topic is supposed to be something I am OCD about. I'm not particularly OCD about anything that I can think of. I mostly just obsess about things I'm afraid of. The truth is, if I named everything I fear, you would think I'm crazy. But, I'm not ashamed, I will tell you anyways! I have really strange fears. I can't go in the ocean, for many reasons. My friends tease me that I should write a book called 101 Things to be Afraid of in the Ocean. It freaks me out that you can't see anything underneath you, there could be sharks, fish that bite, evil mermaids. Who knows! And even if you go scuba diving and can see what is under the surface, that is freaky on it's own because I'm way to claustrophobic for that. Or what if you're swimming, and the current takes you so far out that nobody sees you and you can't swim back. And did you know that you can get diseases from the sand?! Oh my, it scares me. My friend Jenny says that I get all my fears from movies that I've the big headed guy in the Hills Have Eyes, or Michael Myers from Halloween. Or there's some movies where they are in outer space and one of the astronauts takes his helmet off in space and his head freezes. I'm scared of that happening. Yes, I understand that is something I will probably never have to worry about, but I still do! haha I'm afraid of any type of creepy crawly bug too. I can't kill them, it makes me feel bad. So if I see one I have to trap it and put it outside before I can concentrate on anything else. One time, there was a CENTIPEDE!! on my bedroom wall. It was very scary...shudder... Another thing that freaks me out is the sound of my own heartbeat. I had this thing happen a few years ago where my heart randomly started beating really fast, and I had to go to the hospital. When I got there my heart rate was 250 beats a minute for some unexplained reason. Ever since then, if I hear the sound of a heartbeat, especially my own, it gives me major anxiety! See, I told you I'm crazy :)

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